Paints, Pigments, Plastics, Rubber
Panitm Pigments, Plastic, Rubber

Lucid has in-depth expertise in testing Paints, Pigments, Plastics, Rubber.


Lucid offers a a full quantitative analysis of a liquid paint and is also capable of determining resin types found in paint flakes.

At Lucid Laboratories Paints are analysed for test parameters like

  • Drying time
  • Consistency
  • Colour Scratch Hardness
  • Flexibility and adhesion
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Flash Point
  • Resistance to alkali
  • Resistance to wet abrasion
  • Temperature stability

Pigments usually have special properties that make them ideal for coloring other materials. A pigment must have a high tinting strength relative to the materials it colors. It must be stable in solid form at ambient temperatures.

Purity tests are performed for:

  • Red Oxide
  • Chrome Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium dioxide

From basic identification to the trace additives Lucid Plastic testing services use ASTM testing methods to determine the quality of plastics by performing chemical and mechanical testing.

Plastics are tested for:

  • major polymer type identification
  • elemental identification of the inorganic fillers
  • Quantify the inorganic fillers
  • Identification of a trace additive or the grade of plastic
  • Melting point and melt flow rate

Different techniques are need to test rubbers. The ASTM test methods for rubber vary from those used for plastics. Lucid Laboratories uses wet chemistry techniques and analytical test methods in compliance with ASTM standards in arriving at accurate rubber test results.

All types of rubber, natural, synthetic and all types of elastomers are tested for identification, Filler content.

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To meet increasing demand and for timely service to our customer an additional ICP-OES is procured and installed.
For quick and easy testing without sample preparation Lucid has embraced "Spark testing"
Lucid has successfully faced NABL Surveillance audit.
BIS audit team approves that Lucid fulfills the requirements for testing packaged drinking water.