Other Services
Other Services

Advisory Services are provided to conduct Investigations and Test Programs in the field of Material Selection, Steel Protection and Concrete Preservation. The services offered in the group include the following:

  Re-Engineering of components

Re-engineering identifies, analyzes, and re-designs a component's existing core qualities with an aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical performance measures. The components are studied for various characteristics and the customers are given guidance on selection of suitable raw material, choice of suitable processes and the parameters to be checked for effective component design and development.

  Positive material identification

Material Selection: Advice is provided on material selection and corrosion aspects of design. Tests are carried out to confirm the chemical analysis of deposits to establish the cause of such failures. Services are offered in the following fields:

  • Foundry
  • Construction Applications
  • Case-Hardening Applications
  • General Engineering Applications
  • Nitriding Applications
  • Elevated Temperature Applications
  • Sub zero and Low temperatures
  • Corrosion Applications
  • Tools and Dies Applications
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Temperatures
  Procurement Inspection

Lucid offers its services in Procurement Inspection. Our expertise in material testing and inspection services helps maintain quality control on all shipments.

Lucid helps you assess the manufacturers and traders' capabilities actively participating in the material and goods sourcing. Our Engineers are well versed in interpreting drawings and assist in creation of "test" samples.

Lucid can inspect and test ferrous and non-ferrous metals, casting & forging, sheet metal, bar, pipe, stainless steel, nuts, bolts, engineering goods, non-metallic materials such as polymer, ceramic, glass, machined parts, and machine tool components.

  Residual Life Assessment

RLA studies include the of Collection of back ground data and Visual Examination, Survey on past NDT records, Dimension measurements of critical areas, Collection of soot and scales from different section of boilers and pipes, Extensive thickness survey, MPI at critical weld joints, UT of critical weld joints, Replica micro structure examination through in-situ Metallurgical approach or insitu with digital photography, Hardness survey, Destructive study on selected tubes for chemical analysis, Cross section microscopy, hot tensile test and stress rupture test.

The safe remaining life will be estimated by correlating of test results and operating parameters.

We determine the in-service degradation of critical components of process plants operating under high temperature/ high pressure/ corrosive atmosphere. The technique with specialized software enables real-time component condition monitoring and health assessments.

  In-Situ Residual Life Assessment:
  • In-situ Microstructure
  • In-situ NDT Services
  • In-situ Weld Assessment
  • In-situ Corrosion of Turbines, Reactors, Heat-exchangers, Pressure Vessels.
  • Corrosion Cracking

News & Events

To meet increasing demand and for timely service to our customer an additional ICP-OES is procured and installed.
For quick and easy testing without sample preparation Lucid has embraced "Spark testing"
Lucid has successfully faced NABL Surveillance audit.
BIS audit team approves that Lucid fulfills the requirements for testing packaged drinking water.