Mechanical Testing
Mechanical Testing

Lucid Lab's Material Testing Division can carry out full range of Physical and Mechanical Tests to the Specification / Methods commonly used in Industry conforming to IS, ASTM, JIS, BS, EN, ISO, DIN Standards.

This Division offers Testing and Consultancy Services for Infrastructure Projects for Material and Design Quality Control of Engineering Materials like Steel, Alloys, Metals, Bricks, Cement, Fly-ash, PVC, UPVC, HDPE, MDPE Pipes, Sand, Aggregate, Tiles, Paints, Ply-wood, Bitumen, Steel Plates, Rods, etc.

This Division is equipped with all types of sophisticated Testing Machines like computerized UTM, electronic extensometer and experienced, skilled professionals to carry out routine / non-routine jobs, to test ferrous / Non-ferrous metals and alloys, textiles, rubber, plastics, leather, building materials, etc.

The Division is accompanied by in house sample preparation unit, i.e. sample preparation for Tensile Testing, Impact Testing, and Metallurgical Sample Preparation. The machine shop activities include Sawing, Turning, Grinding, Milling, Boring, Tapping, Planning and Shaping 'Timely Services and Complete Customer Satisfaction is the Main Focus of the Division'


Ribbed bars, Re-enforcement bars, Tmt bars, Strands, sheets, wires, ropes, welds, soldered, riveted, screws, nuts, bolts, ceramic parts, composites, laminates, wood products, colour coated sheets and galvanized parts, springs, leaf springs, plastic, rubber, leather and textiles.

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To meet increasing demand and for timely service to our customer an additional ICP-OES is procured and installed.
For quick and easy testing without sample preparation Lucid has embraced "Spark testing"