Cement and Building Materials
Cement and Building Materials

Construction quality is measured mainly by durability, strength, load, resistance along with chemical properties. In the past, the quality of cement and building materials was important only for dams, airports and such important commercial buildings. But with changing times and growing number of suppliers and vendors it has become a defacto to test the quality of cements and building materials for almost all constructions including residential complexes.

Lucid Laboratory is geared towards this demand and is equipped for the testing needs. Our services include physical, chemical testing along with structural inspections, NDT inspections etc.

  Products that we analysis include:
  • All types of Cements
  • Clinker
  • Sand
  • Fly ash
  • Fire Bricks
  • Slag
  • wood
  • steel / steel bars
  • Aggregate
  • concrete
  The tests we perform on the materials include but not limited to:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Alkali Reactivity
  • Chloride Content
  • Specific gravity and water absorption
  • Sulphate Content
  • Sand Equivalent Value
  • Organic Impurities
  • Flakiness

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To meet increasing demand and for timely service to our customer an additional ICP-OES is procured and installed.
For quick and easy testing without sample preparation Lucid has embraced "Spark testing"